Consolidation of Federal Website Eases Citizens’ Online Journey

“Our Identity Service, Claims Service, Prescription Management Service, and Healthcare Provider Messaging Service – all of the different products are accessible through the Vets API.”

From a veterans perspective, Worthington notes, this means that when they fill out a health care application on the site, links to the resources they need to complete the form successfully are ready and waiting for them right on the home page.

“They don’t need to understand how it works. They just know that the process has become much simpler, he says. “It’s a click away, and through these APIs we have three or four different services running in the background, but to the user it feels like a single interaction as we combine these products into the final experience. .”

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National Park Service optimizes its website for mobile

The need to keep pace with customer demands has driven a recent National Park Service initiative to consolidate website information into a single application.

The agency had received feedback from citizens who wanted relevant park information “on the ground,” says NPS digital strategy manager Tim Cash.

NPS already had a mobile-friendly site in NPS.govso his team decided to go further.

“It took a bit of re-architecting and a few years, but now we have a really exciting product,” he says. the NPS app provides interactive maps, guided tours and current site status information in over 400 national parks. It does this, Cash explains, through a model best described as “create once, publish everywhere.”

“The vision for the digital strategy was: how can we ensure that when someone creates content, we can capture that data and make it usable in a multitude of formats?” he says.

The answer, again, was APIs. Today, Cash says, when a park website is updated — with details about a campground, for example, or an urgent announcement or alert — that data is passed through an API and appears on the website. agency app in minutes.

“People want to have the world at their fingertips,” he says. “Now we have a way to give them that.”

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